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Lyra connects consumer drivers and brands to run advertising campaigns on cars. The platform allows car drivers to have their cars wrapped in ads and get paid per kilometer for driving in specific areas. Enables advertisers to launch, modify and monitor the ad campaigns with real-time analytics, live impression data, and vehicle locations. Lyra pays compensation based on sticker installation and driving mileage.

Interactive Taxi Advertising

  • Deliver multi-format contents with innovative ad styles.
  • Show videos, images,text ads.
  • Split display into multiple frames for maximum screen space.
  • Target ads based on location, date and time and taxi groups.

The Ad Player App

  • Automatically register device on first time install
  • Download latest ads from server.
  • Business Directory Listing,Weather and time widgets
  • Polls and Surveys, Like button for all medias.

Advertiser control panel

  • Upload and manage ads.
  • Create device groups and screen layouts.
  • Billing and invoicing for customers.
  • Online payment for advertiser payments.


  • Hassle Free Management.
  • Manage and Monitor Resources.
  • Unique Business Experiences .
  • Business Promotion.
  • Content Management System.
  • Real-Time Content Delivery.
  • Find Targeted Audience.

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Adtzy is designed to be the focal point of every ride. We have accomplished this by delivering engaging, entertaining content to our passengers. A Smart touch screen system designed to maximize your

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